MP3 - Compressed Preview File in YouTube

Hello. Can you upload the Preview File on YouTube with the jungle audio markup and a link that takes you from YouTube to jungle audio so they can buy it?

I would like to know if I would not be violating any rules?

I think this would help to visualize and sell my audiojungle articles more.

Thank you

Google translator

There are two items to complete which are:

1_ Select “Yes” if your music is registered with YouTube Content ID. Otherwise, select “No”. Read more.

2_YouTube content ID managed by.

I don’t know if I have to clarify something in these items if I upload my music to YouTube.

Could you help me what I have to put in these items if I upload my audiojungle music to YouTube, because I read about YouTube content ID and content ID and AdRev and it is not well explained.

I would just like to know if I have to clarify something in those items or if I do not fill in anything, and that’s it, I’ll also upload the content to YouTube, thanks


Yes, you can definitely upload your music to YouTube for promotion. (Nothing to promote, though, as this place is dead but well, yes, you can, it’s legit).

About Content Id: if your tracks are registred in any CID platform (Haawk, AdRev, any other), then you must mark the track as “Yes” when asked if it’s registred. You also need to paste an image in the description. This is the exact HTML text:

Best of luck!