AudioJungle preview music and Youtube HAAWK

I’m uploading preview videos of templates to youtube for more people to see. I’ve been receiving HAAWK alerts from youtube recently. I don’t know where I’m doing it wrong. Is it forbidden to upload audiojungle preview to youtube?

I hope experienced people will comment.
Thank you.

I think that Identifyy (HAAWK) algotithm doesn’t see the difference between the full track and preview file. My guess is you should contact music author, explain the problem and ask to whitelist the video or the whole channel. Since it’s kind of free promotion for music, I think the author will be happy to help. Just my thoughts.

Thank you for your comment. I got this warning for 2 template 2 motion graphic. (4 authors). I will give information to these authors.
But does that solve the problem? There’s more than 50 music on my youtube channel. is it correct to report to the author for each music?

I need a post that shows that I’m not violating copyright. There must be a post that proves that using preview files is legal.

Actually the copyright notice is not a strike, so you shouldn’t be worry (except you need the money from adsense). You could try to contact the author one by one if you want to lift all of them without buying license.