Mp3 an audio resolution of 16-Bit

Hi ,
Audiojungle asks me to upload the audio files with a resolution of 16 bits.
No problem for the wav. file, but I’ve tried to export or convert the mp3 3 in 16 bits, it looks impossible. So, I don’t know if only the wav file must be on 16 bits, of if there are other ways to have the Mp3 in 16 Bits.

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Hello! Wave files must be in 16 bit, mp3 - 320kbit/s. That’s it :slight_smile:
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Thank you. When I export the audio file in Mp3, it’s in 32 bit float (and 320 kbits/s). It’s ok ?

What DAW do you use? All those settings can be changed in something like “export menu”.

In Cubase pro 9.5, when I export in MP3, I can’t chose if I want 16 bit, 24 bit and so on anymore. I can only chose the Kbit from 0 to 320. But perhaps it’s the same thing ? Thanks again.

The 16-bit Bit Depth only applies to the .wav files.
Think of it this way:

  • The .wav files need to have a sample rate of 44.1khz and a bit depth of 16-bit.
  • The MP3 files need to be encoded at a bitrate of 320.

Select these settings in your MP3 export:

Ignore the greyed out Bit Depth field.

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Thank you, so the greyed out Bit Depth field can be 24 bits or other, it doesn’t matter.

Bit Depth doesn’t apply to MP3s. That’s why it’s greyed out.

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Just be sure that your master track does not clip.Especially if you are working in higher bit rate and resolution.e.g 32 bit, 48 khz.And place an UV 22 HR on main bus insert after the limiter in order to export the files.