Mp3 24 to 16 bit convertion issues

I am having a hard time trying to convert the mp3 file from 24 to 16 bit, can you help me?
Please help.

You can only truncate WAV from 24 Bit to 16 Bit (Use dithering and 0,5 db ceiling) then you can convert into MP3 320 kbt/s (ceiling -1,3db/ depends on dynamics)

  • Ceiling = Limiter Ceiling

What do you mean about ceiling?

Witam. @RedOctopus re
I render files with Ozone standalone from Wav to MP3. I set the Limiter Ceiling before to about -1,3 db for no distortion/clipping by the compression into Mp3 320 kbt/s. Cheers

1,3 is a low ceiling :slight_smile: most people do not care about those tiny peaks but definitely it is a thing to think about.

Are there any other authors who make lower ceiling for mp3?

Pozdro :slight_smile: