Movavi Video Editor support?

Hello everyone!

I am new to video editing and I purchased Movavi Video Editor a couple of months ago. So far, I really like it. It seems to be great for beginners and I’ve gotten used to the mechanics of the editor.

A few weeks ago I found videohive and bought a couple of lower-third packs. Installing them couldn’t happen because of the file type (.setting or something like that). I looked closer and saw that videohive has a specific drop-down menu for many editing programs–Movavi isn’t listed.

To make a long story short, I’m wondering two things: does videohive SOMEHOW work with Movavi (I went to the Movavi editor forums and they led me to their accepted file types–.setting wasn’t one of them) so perhaps that’s a no. But videohive seems so versatile!

Is Movavi limiting? should I spend the money to get another editing program? This is a common issue new editors have and it’s generally frowned upon…Just looking for opinions from experienced video editors, I know I have to make my own choice!



There is no Movavi project on the market. You were answered this question in your previous thread:

You cannot open any project from Videohive with Movavi. All you can open in Movavi are video files from Motion Graphics and Stock Footages

I personally use Premiere Pro for video editing. And After Effects is great for various types of animations.