Most of themes are very heavy to handle in small hosting accounts

i am using avada theme,but its very heavy for my hosting account and didnt go well. is there anyway to find out fast lording simple templates in theme forest ?

Avada theme is so heavily optimized that the problem is definitely with your hosting account, not the theme. Would be absolutely the same with any other custom theme. I would suggest changing your hosting plan, not the theme.

Thanks for the reply and yes i know it but my point is if we want to do some simple web sites with small sharing hosting, is there any option to filter small temes in themeforest ? or what themes our members suggest for this kind of situation. cheers :slight_smile:

If you are concerned with load times, with all my respect, “cheap” packages will not work. (like the offers from GoDaddy etc… Surely the meaning of “cheap” differs from person to person but I hope I was able to show my point of view)

Thanks for the reply, No i mean even cant upload the theme point is some times we have to do basic site and then how can i filter a simple theme in themeforest ? there is tags name simple minimal … but i am thinking about a filter :slight_smile:

Uploading a theme into your wordpress shouldn’t be an issue in 2016…

There are many hosting companies that offer “easy automated upload” processes with a single click, doing all the work just in seconds (if this was what you meant)

And also you can use themes like Avada / Enfold or many other themes in a very simple way (single page etc.)

What about plugins? Are you trying use many plugins all together in once?

As a Conclusion, hosting service quality is very important.

If you’re looking for simple themes and you choose Avada or any other theme with 6000 demos, you can’t seriously ask yourself why it has so many files and it’s so complex and big.

And I have to disagree with the above reply saying the Avada and huge themes are heavily optimized. That’s probably a joke, most of them are huge even if you keep the simplest options only. If you want a simple and optimized theme, don’t get a huge one expecting to be light. Because it’s not.


Thanks finaldestiny, i am asking is there anyway to find simple themes in themeforest ?

yes Bedros, but the problem is it has to increase the memory limit and cant upload big files also without contacting hosting provider. so my question is how can a user chose a simple template in themeforest ?

Sorry for stating the obvious but as fellow @FinalDestiny already nailed it ; if the one you’re looking for is a LIGHT one, eliminate the “heavy” ones… Have you tried to perform a search with the tags “light”, “minimal” (though being minimal doesn’t guarantee being “light”) etc. etc. ?

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There is no filter to show only “lightweight” themes or anything like that. And even if the theme is advertised as light and simple, it still can be badly coded. On the other hand, even the multipurpose theme can be coded very efficiently. But the rule of thumb is that if you want a light theme, stay away from multipurpose ones.
Anyway, as already mentioned several times, you should consider changing your hosting plan if you want to use premium themes. You definitely don’t need anything special, just a standard plan. But if you really want a big collection of simple, lightweight themes, then I guess this is the best place:

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More features = more code = bloat -> slow.

I don’t want to sound condescending, but in pro WordPress development circles, Avada and similar others have a really bad name. They are not optimised and contain so many useless features. But not he other side of the scale they provide flexibility - now if you want to sacrifice speed and nimbleness for flexibility that’s a choice customer has to make.

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Search for the keyword then. If you want to build a Construction company website then search for construction. If you search for “1000 websites for $59” then you will always come to results flooded with your so called “VERY HEAVY THEMES” :wink:

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May I also ask if it’s necessary for you to use wordpress? If not, HTML templates are lighter.

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I’m a big fan of static site generators.

jekyll, middleman, metalsmiht, gatsby, and just plain old gulp.

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thank you all for your help and tips, i agree with you all.
I think if themeforest can include this filter will help lots of beginners here.cus they are the costumers here.

A buyer asking how can he find a simple theme to replace avada says everything about envato search system and strategy. Everything here isade to get you to the top sellers and it shows in sales top themes go higher and everbody else contantly loosing…

But yea go for niche themes woth up to 5 dekos tops just to give you options. Just a question on ehat basis you decided to get avada?


Nice points :slight_smile:

agreed :slight_smile: there are so many nice and simple themes here,but hard to find those with this system.