Missing style.css & index.php is a new Theme. Please Help

Yesterday II bought a template, Anika-Responsive eCommerce Template, and when I tried to install the. Wordpress says:

La plantilla no está disponible. Los temas necesitan un archivo de plantilla index.php. Los Temas hijo necesitan una cabecera de plantilla en la hoja de estilos style.css.
Template is not available. Topics need an index.php template file. Child themes require a template header in the style.css style sheet.

If you mean this file https://themeforest.net/item/anikaresponsive-ecommerce-template/17805145?s_rank=1 then it’s not a WordPress theme (it’s just a HTML template) and will not work in WordPress

dera Charly, thanks,sure was a language dificult because Template is for us Plantilla also. There is information and way to converse, these templete in a Theme ? If is possible this acction. Thank you very much. Marta

You would have to have it made which is going to be a big job and expensive.

If you really want to do it and have the budget then you can look on www.studio.envato.com for a freelancer

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Thanks for your help & opinion.