Morello Theme won't Install...weirdness afoot.


Hi all,

I am encountering some trouble uploading the Morello theme. It keeps saying the style.css sheet and the index.php file are missing. However, I have located both within the theme folder. What is happening?


the only file with that name seems to be

If that’s the one then it won’t work as it is a HTML template not a WordPress theme


I’ve researched and found out there is a way to convert templates to wordpress themes. Once I do that, if Wordpress itself is updated, will it break my site?


First show me link of the theme which you purchased. Also are you uploading just theme zip file or whole package zip downloaded from themeforest. If you are uploading whole package then it will give that error index.php and style.css is missing. You have to upload theme which must be inside the package.

Also if you are trying to install a html template then it won’t install.


You can code anything into WordPress within reason but it is my a 5 minute exercise and requires proper expertise and knowledge to do it and done properly will be easily into the thousands of $.

If there is some online tool that offers to “auto-convert” for a low price and quickly - 99.9% it does not work and you will be left with a virtually unusable file.

If it is done properly then weather it breaks or not when WP updates depends on what the update includes and how the theme has been created.


Ok. thanks for the help all.


The WordPress version of Morello is on it’s way from my account also, just dealing with Reviewers Soft Rejects currently.



Thanks both of you! I just purchased the theme now. Thanks for your help.


I am unable to to unzip the morello theme I just bought. It gives me an error message every time I try. Is there a bug?


Missing stylesheet? When you download it select “installable Wordpress files only”

Most Likely you are trying to install the entire download


Hi Charlie, the missing files error was because I was trying to install the html template. I’ve now downloaded the newly released wordpress theme, but it will not unzip and will not upload to the themes area of the wordpress dashboard.


You are trying to install the Theme folder only download not the full one?

what happens when you try to unzip the download? What happens when you try to install it? Is there an error?

Having worked with most of Tom’s themes all of which have been awesome it seems unlikely to be a theme issues especially as it would not have got through review, but if needed he does have a fantastic support team


Ah. I think I found the problem. I had downloaded all documentation & files and it is not unzipping for some reason, so I just went back and downloaded the installable wordpress file and it worked fine and is uploaded onto wordpress successfully.