Menu options

I’m looking for a great blog theme/design that is capable or allows more than one menu!

Found one I thought I liked until I saw it only allowed 1 menu. I want at least 2 separate and completely different menus.


You can try from here hope you will find your chosen one

Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

  1. Newspaper
  2. Sahifa
  3. Jannah
  4. Magplus blog magazine
  5. Newsmag


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Hi there,

solutions for using more than one kind of menus:

They all provide header builder, and you can use different menus within one installed theme.

  • There is a section called Layouts.
  • You build one layout (with Visual Composer or Elemntor - depending on the theme) ,
  • and use it as a header.
  • The same with footer.
  • A few headers and footers are already set up to choose from!
    Coooool… :)))
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