multiple menues theme

I am currently using a theme that allows three primary menus - one for each of the three languages we have on the site. I do however need to add two additional menus to the site as I am merging my primary site with two new ones. Are there any themes that has 5+ menus and that can be customized so that menu 4 and 5 are not the same as the three first? Or do i need to code my way out it?

Things may start getting confusing with that many menus.

Have you thought about localising your site? Maybe have it check to see what the user’s language is and then have it display the proper menu? Don’t ask me how to get that up and running, but it’s certainly possible :smiley:

Adding menus in the theme is a bit tricky. I’ve found this blog support useful for adding multiple menus in the theme

I hope you’ll find this useful.