Maxxiz Responsive Template Code Error

Hello, I recently purchased the Maxxiz Responsive template. I installed it according to the documentation I received. I have succeeded :grinning:, everything is well besides an error that I would like to solve. I contacted the author of the template ‘MKRdezign’ but without any response.:disappointed_relieved: Although in the support period that we have purchased it is still 5 months. I think the support period is not worth buying.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So the problem is the following:
I installed this template on this blog Romania online.
I have problem with AdSense code on mobile devices. Not all the code is running. This only happens in posts. See here:


Also with this responsive code



Image 2

On windows it’s normal:

Thank you if you can help me. In the future I hope the authors of the patterns are more receptive.:scream::scream::scream:

I am pretty sure that Booking code and Google Ads are not the part of theme - that is your additional code so has nothing to do with author support (correct me if I am wrong).

If you have trouble with that, maybe you can find someone here to help you

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Thanks for the reply. That’s the problem. I do not understand where the error comes from. The issue is not only attributed to AdSense codes, but to all responsive codes. Somewhere in the template there is an error. I can not figure out where.

What exactly are you saying is broken? Do you mean the position of the “redactor articol…” text? Or is there actual elements eg copy/images not showing?

When you say “The issue is not only attributed to AdSense codes, but to all responsive codes” - what exactly is the problem you mean?

We just tried the site on 2 different mobiles and it (including that specific page) seems fine in terms of general layout and display of all ads

About this I am referring to: In posting does not display the entire code. The home page is no problem.
Image 4



Image 5

Thanks for the reply.

Is it just ads that are cropping or other content too?

Yes, only responsive ads.
<ins class=…
I mention that this only happens in posts on mobile devices.

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I can help you with the issue, please contact me from contact form here

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The problem is resolved with the above user EigerThemes.
Thank you very much.