Maxshop Template error?

Im using Maxshop theme version 2.1.7, and i have problem when configure store.
It has about 20 store views, i can assign store view 1 ( header and body style 1- default style ) for all stores, but if i assign to others store views, it display errors ( such as header and body style 2,3,4,… ) .
I create new store view, and same error with old store view.
I try in local computer, same error.
This is my website :

Hey @anhdv1979,

I’m tagging in the author of the theme, @magentech, they should be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

Magentech is dead, they have no support. i purchased my theme here and since then have had no support at all. put in a ticket a week ago =, then searching around the support area i see nothing but complaints that havent been looked at for at least 4 months ago. I spent my money on this product for support with that product. the product looks good but there is no one there.

Thanks for letting me know @trice5959,

I’ve sent an email to the author to find out what’s going on.

Has this company said ANYTHING to you about this support we customers paid

I sent the email roughly 24 hours ago.

I’ll likely give them another day to respond, and if we don’t hear anything back we’ll begin the escalation process. In the meantime, if you’re not getting the support that you paid for, you’re entitled to a refund. I’d encourage you to check out the refund process here. and reach out to the Envato the Envato Help Team if you have any questions.

First of all I want to thank you for your help, in going through this
process I found that I may have jumped the gun a little. At 47 and
disabled, my patients has grown short. After buying another package I found
that the developers go in without contacting you first. I had an issue
going on with the new package and they went in even as I was working on one
part and fixed it as I was going. But never the less magen took a while to
do anything and I’m on a deadline. Today I remembered that the community
had some unlimited photos and stuff, this and that so so I was wondering
how do I get to that information that I can across so that I can find out
how everything actually works here. Please respond

Hey @trice5959

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. What information are you looking for?

Hi @anhdv1979 andv1979,

Firstly, we want to say thank that you made purchase of our theme.

Please create ticket via this submission link: . Our support staff will help you :slight_smile: This is the fastest way to resolve problems, so we highly recommend you follow our system to get solution soon :slight_smile:

NOTE: your tickets will be responded within 24 hours excepting from weekends.

Thank you so much!

Hi @trice5959,

Thank you for being our honored customers. We as well as our support system are still alive. We do not know why you can not get support from us. There are many ways to access, you can choose either of following ones:

  • Online document (ensure that you read carefully before using theme)

  • Forum

  • Support System (highly recommend when you can not solve problems by yourself)

We are trying everyday to make better services.

Every your comments is a lesson we should learn.

We hope that all of you feel happy when using our themes.

Thank you!

@matthewcoxy i have a question about payment.
I renewed 6 months support for Maxshop - Premium Magento 2 and 1.9 Store Theme ( Invoice No: IVIP19072935; Order No: 62709783 ) from magentech via evanto market, and now my company require tax invoice but magentech reply they dont have it. Magentach refer me to contact to you to help this, so can you help me ?

Hey @anhdv1979,

Easy. Go to your statements page for your purchases. The blue text on that page are links to your invoices :slight_smile:

Why don’t envato penalise these guys. Oh right because your making money out of them.

Their support structures are shocking, their theme documentation is woeful

They have cost us money in delayed launches because they are totally useless when it comes to dealing with support issues.