Matebook Theme for Peepso: What Can I Customize?

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Hello. I have Peepso Pro Bundle with Gecko Theme. Just starting to build. I prefer the look of Matebook, but I need to customize the SIZE of the header (all my headers are 1920 x 750 and I will not crop them). Also, important, I need to REMOVE the black gradient over the header covers in Matebook, I don’t want the gradient anywhere in my Peepso system.
I would need to remove the ORANGE accents from Matebook. I would need to lighten up the background in Matebook.
Can I do those things with this theme? AND - will the THEME AUTHOR give me the CSS to do them? Is there author support for this theme?
Thanks in advance.
My site is here under a maintenance page:

This is all customisation so it would not be covered by standard support and (while it all sounds achievable) you would need to do it yourself or hire a freelancer

Hi @theamateursdigest,

Author is responsible to give you answer for any technical query but customization you have to do it from your side. You will need to ask your query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page.

Otherwise in the following way:

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

The theme author will answer your technical query.


I made a big mistake. I bought the MATEBOOK theme. It came to $93.00 Canadian dollars. And it’s CORRUPTED.
Corrupted avatar and widget top-left. Corrupted sidebars both sides, with zero padding.
And it doesn’t scroll properly. I got a piece of JUNK for my money and a $93.00 CAD headache. Now, I have to fight to get my money back for this shoddy item.

That’s the first good reason not to buy it.
Here’s the second one. It’s a piece of JUNK. I made the mistake of paying for it. Cost me $93.00 Canadian funds. It’s corrupted. The avatar and widget top-left are corrupted.
The sidebars left and right are corrupted, zero padding. And it won’t scroll properly.
Now, I have to fight to get my money back.
They know how to make very fancy presentations to sell you their junk dressed up as divine salvation for your web site. This is a disaster. I will never buy themeforest, mlnkeysan or envato again.

@Monkeysan is a big author so it seems odd that their items would be massively flawed.

That said, if there’s genuine bugs then you won’t have to fight to get refunded.

You need to use the form on this page

Given your profile is it showing info on themeforest - you did get this item from themeforest and not envato elements?

Hi mate, if you buy theme, you can contact me via my support area here
I don’t see any tickets from you.

Best regards,

Hello. I did make the mistake of buying it.
I’ve asked paypal for a refund. It’s corrupted.
The avatar and widget top-left corner are corrupted.
The sidebars both sides are corrupted, zero padding! Text touching the border.
And it wouldn’t scroll. This is a pretty shocking thing to put into a download.
I’m a Canadian, the US price came to $93.00 for me, that’s a lot since I already paid for peepso ultimate for one year, including Gecko. But the Gecko isn’t customizable on the top menu, there’s no room for essential items that I need to link three of my sites together into a network. Peepso can’t do anything about it, so I have to find a new theme…
Anyway, I’m not impressed at the corrupted theme from Envato. It was a huge letdown after the very exotic and sensational “sales” presentation.
I really couldn’t afford it. But it was so gorgeous in the Envato presentation that I caved in and spent the money anyway, and what a let-down.
As far as I understand, you wouldn’t have helped anyway with the issues in question, so no point in buying it in the first place and having to chase after a freelancer to fix it.
Thanks anyway.

Hi @theamateursdigest, I can’t find your profile in envato market. Have you purchased the theme using this username (theamateursdigest)?

If it’s disputed with the payment gateway then the account will be disabled until that is resolved. @mgscoder that will be why you can’t see the account.

I used paypal. That would be my email: (removed email)

I haven’t tried to see the account since I found a damaged theme in the zip file I was given to download. I am first of all surprised that you can’t even ask a question without paying, which is outrageous when it’s a matter of $93 CAD. You could save yourself the trouble with a couple of answers.

Secondly, the demo at Envato shows a double menu on the top of that theme. This was my main interest in Matebook because Gecko has a limited small menu, you can’t expand it or it wraps around and doesn’t look good.

So, I saw the double menu on Matebook, and I thought, problem solved. Because I need to link 3 web sites together as a network, and each one has to have the others on the top menu. But no room for that in Gecko.

Anyway, after I installed Matebook and found it corrupted, I did quickly check, out of curiosity, and there was no obvious way to put in the second menu seen in the demo. So, that’s maybe a third-party plugin, or an expensive add-on on the demo.

Anyway, when you get a corrupted item for your $93 CAD, after the big glamorous sales pitch, it’s a big surprise, and doesn’t encourage confidence in the company that served it up.

I would like to point out that I have dealt with another theme provider a few times. I am a blogger with a few blogs. He always answered questions before purchase. And he offered touch-ups of his themes after-purchase. And he took a bit of PAID work after purchase to fix it up a bit more. I am surprised that others don’t work the same way.

I am surprised that we are expected to fork ou $93 CAD just to be able to ask a question; and that we get zero help with customization, and are denied even PAID help of that sort, if we shop at Envato. If my other theme guy had anything suitable for Peepso, I’d still be with him.

Just for clarity…

  1. Anyone can ask questions using item comments (as is done here) or by messaging the author through their profile regardless of if they have purchased the item yet.

  2. Envato check items before they are out for sale so it’s very unusual for an item to be corrupted

  3. Many authors are will to help with minor customisations or setup, but it’s very common for them to charge for anything more substantial and is the same on any marketplace.

  4. @Monkeysan (who is a Power Elite author) offered above the support link. Did you ask them for help with the item/menu etc? If not, and if you have not disputed the payment, then I strongly suggest that you start there.

  1. Disputes lodged with payment agents: If, as a buyer via your Envato Market account, you lodge a dispute with a payment agent, this will result in a freezing of your Envato Market account until the dispute raised with the payment agent has been cancelled. This makes it very complex to resolve any related issues, and means we (Envato) cannot make payments or issue refunds out of your Envato Market account, so we (Envato) encourage buyers to contact us (Envato) directly first to see if we (Envato) can help resolve any concerns.

Details (point 29):

if you haven’t done so already.

Envato customer should avoid opening PayPal disputes. Envato have a very clear refund process in place, as outlined here: Can I get a refund?.

Author is responsible to give you answer for any technical query but customization you have to do it from your side.

You should request a refund here and should avoid opening PayPal disputes.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules.


I didn’t ask for menu support because the item was corrupted in terms of the main avatar and widget top-left, and both sidebars had zero padding with text touching borders. Very discouraging. No point in menu support.

I did in fact try to contact the author in Facebook, but no reply. So I figured it’s true, they don’t answer questions before payment.

I had hoped that the css given to me by Peepso to remove the black gradient from cover photos in Gecko, might work in Matebook, or could be tweaked to work. I had hoped that my 1920 x 750 headers might work in case we could “skip cropping” when trying to install them. But no point even trying with corrupted avatar and sidebars and theme didn’t scroll properly, either.

Moreover, I had inquired here in this forum about “customizations” and was told that they are not part of support. (Same indications at checkout.)

So, with that answer, there was no point in my asking. Do you want screenshots? I sent two screenshots to paypal.

However, as I mentioned, I did try to reach the author in Facebook and no reply.

Hello. I couldn’t find a way at Themeforest-Envato to contact the author. So I searched in google, and came up with a Facebook page for MonkeySan.

I left a message in FB on Saturday. There was an auto-reply in Russian.
But no further reply. See screenshot in share folder, with shots of the corrupted sidebars etc.:

So, if I drop my paypal request, what would you propose as the next step after that?

1 – It seems that ThemeForest is a name used by Envato. I received this when I paid with paypal:
[ThemeForest] Purchase Confirmation
From Envato Market <>
Date Saturday, June 10th, 2023 at 11:45 PMSaturday, June 10th, 2023 at 11:45 PM
Hi kathleenp15,
Thanks for buying with us. Below is a summary of your recent purchase. You can download your purchased item(s) at your Downloads page and view your invoice(s) on your Statements page.
Your order:
My Downloads
Item By: Monkeysan
Matebook - Social Network WordPress Theme
Regular License [whatever that is, no details that I could find]
License Support Expiry Date: Sunday, December 10, 2023
Price is in US dollars and excludes tax.
Looking for your purchase code? Click here to find it.
Download your license certificate at your Downloads page. If you have trouble accessing your item, you can visit our Help Center or contact our Help Team.
How to download your invoice
You can view and download your invoice from your Statements page. Step by step instructions can be found here.
Get Help | Privacy Policy
Level 3, 551 Swanston Street, Carlton, VIC 3053 Australia
Envato Pty Ltd | ABN: 11 119 159 741

  • AND -

2 - [Important] Your Account Has Been Locked
From Help Team <>
Date Sunday, June 11th, 2023 at 12:30 AM
Hi kathleenp15,
We’re letting you know, that as a security precaution, your Envato account has been locked. This is due to a PayPal
account payment dispute or chargeback raised for a purchase made via your account on Envato Market.
Envato Market includes ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune and 3DOcean
— so the purchase was made on one of these marketplaces.
Please note, the payment dispute or chargeback will need to be closed for your account to be unlocked.
Need help? You can get in touch here, or email us at
Your Envato Market Team


It’s perfectly reasonable to expect the author to not reply to Facebook messages at all but esp on a weekend, and they did provide the link above directly to their support portal.

It’s also in the T&Cs that we agree to when buying items that disputing payments will lead to accounts being blocked, so you will have to work with PayPal and envato to resolve that.

This is unfortunately all redundant now that the dispute has been raised