Masonry/Pinterest Style WooCommerce Theme?

Any one seen one of these around themeforest? Ive looked around and didnt see much perhaps i missed one.

That is a grid style not Masonry/Pinterest style. Being an author you should definitely know that.

For such arrogant client I would never work.
If is now arrogant, what will be later be when you work on a project.

arrogant is knowing what i want? I said what i wanted and he gave me a link that was nothing like what i wanted, and then suggested that i didnt know what i want by telling me his theme may be just the one im looking for, even after reading what i wanted. If im still the one arrogant to you i wouldnt want to use you for a developer, since you are so much better than everyone, and then leave a comment in my post that has nothing to do with what im asking. But please, by all means go around calling everyone else arrogant.

If i wanted to pay $60 for a theme i didnt want, then pay more to make it into something i did want… i would have just found a theme and talked to an author and not posted here.

But thank you for making the forums utterly useless.

You’re just digging a deeper hole.
There’s a nicer way to say you’re the template does not fit.

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You could use our plugin, demo:
And you could use one of our themes, they’re compatible with our plugins:

If you purchase our theme, Quick ajax plugin is included

@ConquestBricks u can check our theme at
Our theme have option for you can make product listing layout as Masonry/ Pinterest

It will display as Pinterest layout when you upload different images for products.

So are you. once again posting in a topic with no info relevant to the question. Im sorry but that is arrogant to keep coming in someones topic with no help just attacking constantly telling others how they should or should not act. I had already told him his theme would not work in the very first post.

PERFECT! Thank you.

Now thats how you sell a product!

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Sorry, i don’t understand what you mean.

We sell theme, and our theme support Woocommerce so you can use our theme for your store.

Just purchased. thank you for the suggestion on exactly what i needed.

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Thank you for purchase and choosing our theme :slight_smile: