Market analysis for discounts


Just wanted to know if you do any sort of market analysis before throwing around 50% sales on new items and old?

Almost all big discounts get quite bigger sales but the day you remove the sales your back where you were but with small profits and tons of support.

Anyone else have any stats that proofs that those intro sales and overall sales brought any benefits in the long run?

Thank you

Try a test and have your own analysis.
Everybody cut their profits to see how it works.
Do you think they will share their analysis?
Also @Stattie have some cool report about this. Try to refer those reports if it helps you.

Anyway, my own experience, when I keep at high price, it sells better than the time in sale off.
So in fact , I think, sale off is only for exposure purpose or intro purpose, not for earning more.
Sale off will let more people to know about your product & core code development, builder, …ultimately it is for PR only.

Thanks for mentioning :blush:. Indeed, we provided such report. You can see an article about it: Author driven pricing on ThemeForest in numbers