How to make more sales in ThemeForest?

Hi everyone! I have 9 items on themeforest and only 231 sales. I want be elit author but for it I need much more sales ( 1500+ ) somebody can say me where my mistake?
When I got my first approve I be not best designer or beveloper but now I my skills up. I need find more clients myself or need make advertising for my portfolio?

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If I remember right, this was discussed for multiple times (I believe the recent discussion was last week), so you should be able to find lots of useful posts regarding this topic.

I’m afraid nobody invented new strategies since the last week, so you will have to use old ones :slight_smile:

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I got one suggestion,some people want to learn php so they lookup php files in themes to learn and understand, you can place comment in per line php files and say that line what does it do, and then in description items introducing to the customer.

Honestly, I think it’s the most useless suggestion. If someone wants to learn PHP, he will never waste his money on some templates that he actually doesn’t need, so he can only see some comments inside template code. There are tens of thousands FREE tutorials available, and any of them will be much more useful than some comment inside template.

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