Make collection list sortable

As an Envato user, when adding an item to my collection (the pop-up that appears), it’s difficult and disorientating trying to find the necessary folders. It’s not intuitive.

From what I understand, the collection list is ordered by most used (or possibly most recently used).

I would find it more intuitive if the list was alphabetical or at the very least, provided me the option to alphabetically sort my list of collections.

It would be great to be able to group collection lists into folders or at least tag them. To achieve this, I currently have to name my collection lists in the following format:

“Graphics > Mock-Ups”
“Graphics > Actions”
“Projects > Some Project Name 1”
“Projects > Some Project Name 2”

Think in terms of how Spotify allows folders for playlists. So too should Envato allow folders for collections.

Collection list management, in it’s current form, is cumbersome and limited.

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