How to browse/search for collections

How to browse/search for collections?
I was trying to find collections about some specifics subjects but there is no search inside the public collections category, really weird and outdated
7000 collections you have 3 options to sort

title could work but… people name the collection starting with: (!), (*), (_) or (0000) and so on to have the collection as close as possible to the start of the alphabetical sort option…
No option for keywords??? only predetermined tags… which is curious… public collections is a category on the drop down menu of the all items tab, but no tags for collections or anything similar
so I started to look everywhere on the Envato universe… no success… What I found is that a lot I mean on the most part the help center articles are 3 to 4 years old or older
On the speed everything changes updates improves, 4 years is a long time…

so does anyone know how to search for public collections?

thank you



Here you will find about your account collection
hope you will find your all of collection.


I don’t know if I got your answer correctly…
I’m not looking for my collections, I would like to have a better way to browse through public collections…

thank you very much

I think it is depending on you how would you like to search
Example Screenshot:

But these are not collections, it´s the items/templates themselves … I’m talking about search collections related to something …

I think there no collection like that what you expect.
Envato have collection system every user individually.