New Feature Request - Collection Folders

Hi there, I’ve been a customer for several years now and my list of “collections” is getting a bit unwieldy with well over 100 different collections. I have to spend a lot of time scrolling and hunting around to find some item I saved for a project 5 years ago for example.

It would be extremely helpful if there were a way to group our collections into hierarchical folders or categories. (Or add lower level sub-folders / sub-collections, tags for our personal use when searching within the collections, etc)

Many thanks!

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Not a bad idea.

You can send it directly to Envato staff here if you’d like. Just select “Site Feedback” as the main topic.

Maybe one day they’ll implement it.

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Guys, I have been a member for so long and have a lot of purchases and other items that have been added to collections.

These 2 features could really help out manage these collections:

1) FOLDER MANAGEMENT: Parent/child (nested folders)
So for example, I would like to have an “Audio” parent folder, and within the folder, I could create a “Music” child folder and under it, I could have different folders for Ambient, Cinematic, Classical, etc. just like your navigation structure. Or at some level, they could be tags.

Just look at my collection. It is growing so fast, cannot sort or search and have to scroll to find the right folder.

Right now, in order to copy or move an item to a folder, I have to go into the item, scroll all the way down and click the “In Collection” button and then have to find the category again. If I want to move it, I have to find the folder to uncheck and then find the folder(s) to copy to or move to.

All of these should be manageable easily. It is a HUGE pain right now.
I searched the forums and there are many requests regarding this.

I huge platform such as Envato should be able to take care of such basic features.

I REALLY hope you guys can take this into consideration.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

I mean look at how I have to deal with collections so far. They are not sortable, searchable.
It takes me forever to be able to see if I have already created a folder before so I don’t create duplicates etc.