Mag Theme by MNKY hadn't updated at 3 latest major WordPress releases


I purchased the Mag Theme by MNKY in 8 Feb 2018. Theme had to be update from wordpress version 5.8 and hadn’t updated at 3 latest major wordpress releases. I try to contact with author, but he doesn’t answer.

How will we know if an upgrade is going to be released? in order let’s decide if we will continue to use or move to other theme


Do you have any issue with the theme compatibility? or you just want to have the update.
There’s an old saying " If it is not broken, do not fix it "

thank you for response!

I don’t have any issue with theme and compatibility with latest version of WordPress 6.1.1. all works fine!

So, I don’t care to have the update.

But I want to know for sure that if WordPress will make a major change e.g. in core, in the future releases, theme will publish an update in order to not broken.

I don’t want one day to upgrade WordPress or a plugin and the site breaks.

Can I be sure that this will not happen?


Most authors update their theme once in a year at least, in that case, you could count on that they may not update the theme as it hasn’t been updated since 2018.
In case of it happens and if the author doesn’t provide the update, you can always find a freelancer ( I’m one of them ) to get the theme updated.