Mac or Windows?

Mac or Windows? What do you use to create your stuff? Why?


no matter…

Windows. But I think also it doesn’t matter. I use Windows because I am user since my first PC.

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Mac becuase very simple )))

Coke or Pepsi? Same question. :wink:

I use Macs and I like them a lot. I’ve used everything from Mac Pros to Macbook Pros and iMacs. But I’ve also used PCs for many years. While Macs are easier to use and can be more stable, they certainly create less headaches than PCs (especially as far as maintenance is concerned), I honestly think PCs are faster and potentially more productive for users where creativity is concerned. Of course, it all depends on the specs of the hardware and what software one is running. In my experience of using Adobe software on Mac and PC, I honestly found that PCs were generally faster.

Check out this interesting experiment based on the use of Lightroom on Mac and PC.

At the end of the day, there are pros and cons for both machines, find out what’s best for your own needs, and compare and contrast what kind of specs you can buy with the same budget on Mac and PC. While I continue to use and enjoy Macs for numerous reasons, for the right work, I think that PCs can offer a better $ for $ value over Macs.

All that said and done just know that once you go Mac, you rarely ever go back. :wink:


Cola is BETTER!


Mac! :smile:

Yes, it doesn’t matter until you haven’t tried Mac yet

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Either is a good choice, but here’s my 2 cents:


-Unparalleled looks and product design. I’ve never seen a PC or Windows laptop (bar maybe the Surface Pro) that’s held a candle to the Macs in the looks department.

-The Mac Operating Systems are generally regarded as more user friendly (this does depend on what OS you’re accustomed to in the first place though).


-Far more customisability. With a little know-how and some elbow grease, you can put together your own system perfectly tailored to your needs.

-Usually much cheaper.

-More program support and compatibility.

-Easier to repair, replace and add new components, should something go wrong.


PC every time. Macs look good, and work good, and they last, and you’ll look ultra cool and hip… but all self respecting, ultra-mega power users have PCs!


All the cool kids use PCs :sunglasses:


You can use both of it actually for different situation =)

Coke or Pepsi… that’s a good one :slight_smile:
I think, that hits the point. At least nowadays. But it is certainly also a question of with which system one grew up.
I started with Atari and after the company blew up itself, Mac was the only option then since - how can I put it nicely?… - Windows (3.1) just wasn’t ready at that time. So I became a Mac user (and have almost never regretted it :slight_smile:
But for sure both systems are somehow equal today.
PC spare parts are certainly cheaper and easier to replace, but the Mac devices are usually more stable and it’s easier to install software (at least in my experience).


Hello PrestoSound,

this is the old age debate. Nowadays, PC are better than 10-15 years ago but this subject is still largely debated.

In my opinion, setup preferences are personal and experience is subjective. I use Windows Seven Professional with Cubase 8 and never had a bug/crash in two years. I say it again: never had a single issue whatsoever, it works like a charm and I write/produce music without limitations. There are other limitations anyway: I never use it as a PC, the only software I have on that PC is Cubase (and its VSTi plug-ins), I neither installed Office/OpenOffice package, I always use a separate PC (a laptop) for surfing the web.


  • it costed me one third of an iMac with similar CPU/RAM/SSD etc…

  • I chose the motherboard, therefore I have 4 more slots available for additional RAM (in case i wished to mount it).

  • Rather than pay for beautiful design, I saved money for plug-ins and better studio speakers.


  • I can’t use it for surfing the web, need to move my tracks to the laptop if I want to sell them here or upload them on SoundCloud.

  • By default, iMac would have a better monitor. I didn’t care back then but I admit it’s a good thing in itself.

To sum up, the next time I will seriously take into account to buy a Mac: it is practical to have just one machine and upload files to SoundCloud/AudioJungle directly from your DAW. However, I will consider that only if I can afford all the necessary RAM/CPU etc…otherwise…guess what? I will purchase a certified Windows workstation (such as XI-Machines or the like).

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

All the very best!

Haha! Loving the replies.

I run a hybrid setup so I’m neutral on this one,

Mac for composition and mixing then run’s through SPDIF to a windows machine for mastering.

Networking using synergy to keep the harmonious relationship :slight_smile:

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Harmonious relationship, wow…yeah! :slight_smile:
and furthermore it could be motivational and inspiring too… :joy:

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Mac, I grew up using PC, writing music on them and everything in between. I hate them.

There is no PC I would want to sit in front of and look at for 10 hours everyday! :flushed:

Would use both simultaneously if money wasn’t an issue!

Growing up on Windows, then I bought Mac and life has become easier.
I am only the 4th year on the Mac, but the system problems, problems with the registry for errors and formatting in the past. After the SSD upgrade, the computer runs for 2 years for 10-15 seconds. Price - really great, but there is to pay for something.

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