Love Travel theme not working with previous Elementor built content


I have purchased the Love Travel theme, followed the tutorials, and installed it. In the previous version of my website, I was using another theme (OceanWP) requiring Elementor.

The setup of Love Travel does not work at all : the pages of the demo are missing, and I only have the previous Elementor built pages. So, there is no change vs. my previous website.

I have restored the previous version, then reinstalled again the love travel theme → and done it 3 times to check I have not missed a step or anything.
It always ends up with the same result → not working at all.

Some other forums mention that actually this theme might not work properly with Elementor, whereas the description of this item of Themeforest/envato mentions compatibility with Elementor.

Anyone knows ?
thanks !!

Hi, please contact the author fo the theme to get support: