Looking to Hire: Install Code Canyon Ultimate Affiliate Pro Wordpress Pluginj

Looking for someone with experience installing and setting up Affiliate Pro.

We have a company website running WordPress and WooCommerce and rather than having our web developers learn this system, I’m hoping to hire someone that can setup and install and then guide me on how this should be setup.

I do have extensive experience with Affiliate Programs, Cake, HasOffers/Tune.

Boulder, Colorado



Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. For doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio.


Thank you.

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I’m not looking for general WordPress Designers. I’m looking for developers with experience with MLM setting, Pay to Become an Affiliate, and other advanced Ultimate Affiliate Pro plug-ins. Any ideas how I can find an expert?

I would like to recommend one of the Websites & Programming experts at Envato Studio. Also you can use the search filter to find a perfect one freelancer.

Yes, none of them mention Ultimate Affiliate Pro.
I was hoping I could find someone with experience with that software.

If you see anyone with experience, please let me know.

The author says they are available for hire https://codecanyon.net/user/azzaroco (right hand side)

I’d start there

@jsascher did you find someone as I’ve been looking too! The app is excellent but the knowledge centre is a pain!

Has anyone found an expert or the author to help with Ultimate Affiliate Pro. I am handicapped and need some help as my programmer has moved on and I am now stuck. Can someone direct me to a qualified expert, which i will gladly pay for their time [edited by mod: personal details removed, please use forums direct messaging ] Thanks R.