Looking for sites with Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

Hello, maybe someone knows sites that uses Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin?

I tried to contact author, but he ignores me. I really don’t know why.

And support of envato can’t help me, really strange situation.

Maybe someone knows some good variants for mlm site?

Thank you for answers.

There is no way we can know that.
You can try do some extensive searches with google but it will hard to return any specific results.

Yes i tried, no result, thanks for reply.

Maybe someone can help me and post my question to author

He don’t answer only for me.

@Shiva27 Shiva27 I am in the same situation, Paid for a plugin and even want to buy another one from the same author and even when I want to buy more from him, he wont answer! this is a really bad service, so dessappointed!
Please if somebody knows how to contact the Author of Ultimate Affliate pro and ultimate membership pro, I will do appreciate you let me know… thanks!


Each author will have a contact form on the right side of their profile page - https://codecanyon.net/user/azzaroco

It’s possible they may be busy so it may take them a bit of time to get back to you.


hi. i am using unilevel mlm. I have problem with option “amount” becose when my subscriber pay 50$. my amount is set for 40%, look like system give extra 40% on invisible 0 lvl. how can i change if i give som1 a reflink that he go under me and i will get of him 40% and this guy he find another guy i will get 20% etc etc
look like there is a some error in this plugin. I checked everything. please HELP

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