Purchase codes for Ultimate Affiliate Pro and Ultimate Membership Pro do not work.

This is very frustrating because I cannot open a support ticket as well as am unable to activate the plugins via the purchase code. The purchase codes sent with the receipt for these two plugins aren’t working. I therefore have no way to get any support on this. Please advise as I need this fixed asap.

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Please contact your purchased plugins author, plugins author will assist you. you can use the Item comments options to let them know the purchase code issue. If you purchased the plugin then in comments besides your username there will be a tag ‘Supported’ (if support period not expired).

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Have the same issue.
I hope I don’t need support, but I would like to be able to install the plugin I paid for.
I only need to use 1 license on 1 site.

I have another license for other site with support.

So I paid 2 license, but … :frowning: