Looking for WordPress Developer partnership for approved PSD.


I am looking for a WordPress developer to do partnership and develop my PSD templatet to WP theme. You can view the template here: My Profile

I’ll provide you the psd. It will be partnership basis. If you are interested, please email me with your ThemeForest profile.

We will be doing 60 to 70% Shares on sales and we will upload theme from our or your account it depends on developer thoughts.

Thank you advance

With respect you are going to need to be a lot more flexible on your % to have any chance of finding someone decent to work with.

You provide the design and that’s it? Presumably you are not offering to support the theme. To update the theme periodically. To bug fix and components or plugins?

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Here my some of psd :slight_smile:

The design is only part of the equation - by your offer, you will get between 30-40% of sales for doing nothing now the design is done, while the author has to offer support, updates and so on - no one in their right mind is going to agree to that


Okay Charlie then how much you preferred!

He’s probably not interested in, he was just making a point of you’re offering basically nothing. It’s best case 50/50 if any developer agrees

PS: I’m not sure if that was you but someone else asked me if I was interested in paid work/partnership today with a different username.

Buddy that’s my psd designer, i preferred partnership developer.

Good luck!