Looking for this music to buy it


I downloaded this preview but now can’t find it to buy it. :frowning:

Can please somebody help me?


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Try uploading your sample to http://sample.soundizer.com/

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It Worked!! :smiley:
You are my hero!

Thank you so much for you time on me.


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Awesome, glad to help.
You can always rename your preview file when you download it.
Soundizer is a great tool :slight_smile:

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I have downloaded this item:

I’ve spent about 2 hours looking for it to purchase, but I can’t.
Please help! You will save my ass :slightly_smiling:

ps sounder doesn’t work…

Here you go: Summer Sunset On ibiza by Progressence.
Enjoy! :slightly_smiling:

You won’t believe… I am an Idiot. I gave a wrong Link,
I was looking for this one : https://0.s3.envato.com/files/146164651/preview.mp3
Is it possible that you help me once more?? Please…

I’m sorry, this one seems to be removed from AJ :worried:
I tried searching by the item ID that I see in the preview link, but there was no luck finding it. Also I downloaded the preview hoping to see some information about the track, I found no nothing.

Thanks anyway body… it is really strange, cause I am also not able to find it… shit

There is one solution left, wait until Soundizer comes back again (hopefully it’ll come back), then try searching by the preview.
The author may have removed the track from AJ for some reasons after you downloaded the preview, then he re-uploaded it again, and got away with that.

OK. And how does it work? I have never used Soundizer before. Should I upload the track for finding or what?

Easy :slightly_smiling: http://audiojungle.net/item/cinematic/12410193?s_phrase=&s_rank=1

Doh! Necrobumping :smile:

Pity, but this is not my music…
try to listen again, bro: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/146164651/preview.mp3

Now I see :=) You found the Music from TS. but I am an another guy with the same problem…
his track was already found, good for him

sample.soundizer.com currently doesn’t work, when it does, just upload the track, and the rest is up to him :smile:

Hi, I’ve done the same thing , downloaded the preview without makes a note of the name.

I have the Id from the download link : 150079519 . how did you search for a song using the id?

Thanks in advance.

This should redirect you to the item page. If you don’t believe me, go to any track on AJ, copy the item ID from the link without copying the item’s name, then put it in the link I gave you above, past it in your browser’s navigation bar and press Enter, Walla!

Or just try googling: audiojungle -THE ITEM ID-.