Searching for a AUDIOJUNGLE song

Hey there…
a few months ago i choose a perfect tune for my video project, but the clients take too long to decide if that song was really perfect, and now, i got the OK GO from them but i can’t find the song to buy… is there any way to find this track again?
someone can help me please!!!

Hi! Have you downloaded a preview of that song?

but the name of the file is just “preview”
i was thinking in a tool where we can upload this preview so the site give back the real track so we can buying it.

If you upload this preview and post it here maybe someone can identify this song.

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That’s an idea… thanks for your help…
i’m kinda new here as a register user
have to find out how to upload this…

Soundizer is your friend in these cases! Just upload your preview on the website and it will tell you where to find it.

Good luck!

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If it was called " Inspiring ", I wish you good luck !


Thanks a lot…
it founded the tune right on…
amazing this tool…


the soundizer tip helped me… thank you all!!!