Looking for Themeforest style External Link Preview Frame Bar

I have a Wordpress website and I have a specific set of external links which when clicked surround the resulting page in a frame and top banner, as happens in Themeforest when you view a live preview of a theme. The external links in my case are not themes, so I don’t need any responsive functionality, just a logo, ‘remove frame’ link and maybe a dropdown so that they can navigate to other external links quickly while they’re there.

I’ve been researching this, but I can’t find much out there. Any ideas if there’s a plugin that does this?

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Here is my email : cool2309@gmail.com
Contact me with more details, I’m a professional PHP developer also I’ve a profile on envato studio, contact if you want this a plugin or a separate script and some more details

Thank you @rsm23 - this wouldn’t be a project I need custom work on, I was just wondering if there was any sort of plugin out there that already did this. Thanks for your offer though.

Maybe this is the closest I’ll get, but I’m interested if anyone knows of any other solutions.

I’ve found more of these things here now. Thanks