Sharing External Articles on WordPress

Hey There!

So i’m looking for a WordPress plugin to share articles or links from around the web on my WordPress website.

Basically I would just copy the link and paste it in a field and assign a category for it.

That link would then appear on the frontend with a Title, Image, Description, Source Name in a grid or masonry format.

Once the frontend user clicks on it it opens in an external tab that shows the website/article in an iFrame similar to when users click on the website previews here on ThemeForest. That iFrame would just include a Logo, a Close iFrame Button and a Button to link back to my website. (exactly like the live previews on ThemeForest).

I do not wish to import the content into my blog posts and claim as my own.

Can someone help me figure out where i can find something like this or similar?

Thank you =)

I think it could be done with wordpress’ custom fields: you enter URL to a custom fireld and in post PHP file write something like
if (custom field has URL) enter this URL as a link in title

Sorry for such short answer :wink: