Looking for theme for freelance portal


I am looking for some good working theme for freelancers. I need to make some website for local freelancers. Something similar to freelancer.com but more simple.

If you know where i can find something like this on themeforest please let me know.

best regards

There are a few layouts on the web featuring a clean, elegant style that display images, writing or digital content prominently. I like Divi and Kalium themes available here a lot, as well as the amazing Mike Deno template from ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, which is sliced PSD based and has various gallery scripts. On the other side, although these are deeply creative and efficiently coded, they’d better meet an individual freelancer’s needs, rather than help in creating a portal-like website.

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I am looking for something from here, from envato community. Why ? That’s simple, I know the rules on envato (I am selling on graphic river) and I know how buyers precious are. I want to buy something here with support for this item, and at least I know if I buy something here I get the best quality product. Creative market, template monster and other like this… hmm I think themeforest is a few levels above them.

If someone have link for themes meets my needs it will be great.

I need something with features like freelance.com but in simple version, not that big (but if there’s something big like freelancer.com I would buy it).

Ayway thank you pliver for suggestions, I will check this two from themeforest.