Looking for the best booking system with payment

im searching for a hotel booking theme (or plugins) which can easy resolve my problems

I have 2 guest houses with different services, prices and promotions


  1. mini house___1day 10$____2day 15$_____promo1 20$_____Promo3 25$______addition bed 5$____wifi 5$______breakfast 3$
  2. house for 4 people______1day 25$______2day 30$

searching for a system which can follow the next scheme
1 the customer choosing needed services and getting a total check
2 the calendar opens and the customer can choose the date he want
3 customer paying via master card or visa (in rubles)
4 customer gets an invoice to email
5 system unloads the information to side platform

will be good if these theme will be compatible with elementor and any visa/mastercard payments(roubles)
I searched the whole market but didnt find anything good for me
can you help me please?

hey, thanks for posting!! i was also looking for same.I found a easy login entry to accounts from https://routerlogin.one/192-168-100-1/ which really helped me a lot in this.but still can anyone suggest something more??

Take a look at Calendarista. It supports several different ways to make an appointment and you might be able to achieve what you are after.