Booking Appointment plugin

Hi, I’ve been looking over Codecanyon plugins but can’t decide which one suits the best.

I need it to have this

  1. Appointment booking
  2. Frontend agent booking posting -multiple agents
  3. List all booking (like services or smth like that)

Does Booked have something like that?

Hi, you can try our product:

Something I am not clear with is front-end agent booking. But we do support staff members which translates to an agent. What you cannot do is register as an agent from the front-end. The admin user has to add you as a staff member and assign you a service to manage.

Having said that, you can create a booking and list all services in the front end. Check our online for the various modes :+1:t5:

Thanks! So we need different users able to create appointment service in frontend.

Take a look at - the only thing missing is frontend cabinet for employees, which we plan to add in next few weeks.

You may want to see booking wordpress iOS app:


Looks like this is what you are looking for… :smile: