Looking for specific hi-quality background loops

Can’t find any.

These are examples what kind of look is interesting to me:

(without plexus)

unfortunately these are not background loops - but i like the colors and particles on that second one.

Any clue what tags i should use to filter low-quality backgrounds?

Hi @EclipseSoundWorks

Try this one https://videohive.net/category/motion-graphics?term=particles&utf8=✓
and also this https://videohive.net/category/motion-graphics?term=plexus&utf8=✓

I didn’t quite catch what you are looking for, @EclipseSoundWorks - the same as plexus titles but without plexus and looped?

same hi-quality.

Nice toned and natural looking background and some foreground elements (some organic particles - i dont like plexus - overused)

I see, @EclipseSoundWorks, thanks for explanation. Did you find the background you need on Videohive finally?

No - it takes to much time to find something useful.

Should be “search for elite authors only” filter.