Looking for PlayStation Trophy Leaderboard

I dont get why there still isnt any one who actually made this, i can alot of things but code with API i am lost. I am to old to learn new things :smiley: - Anyway , if someone could help to make a working PlayStation Trophy leaderboard, which would do this and i take it as example of the custom fields i have make in profiles on my site

A few years ago there was one for PHPBB which worked fine untill they updated to 3.x then there wasnt any bridge plugin in a long time to wordpress

I therefor completly remove phpbb and since i havent seen either free or somethng there cost money , which i actually would prefer to Wordpress.

The function i want and i diveded in to “MUST HAVE” and “IF Possible”

  • Custom Field on profile should actually “call” for Sync on PSN with the persons nick
  • Automatic add there games, and also all earn and unearn trophies
  • Should have a “database” with games there is being added from the users profile so it is getting bigger and more usefull
  • Leaderboards with trophies, first og latest trophy, and maybe with “Milestones” like 100th, 500th, 1000th trophy and first Platinum ever etc.

Things i wouid love to see is.

  • SSO with PSN so peaople actually can use there PSN account to login on site, just like other sites, or just new users can have a way to create account, so there username would actually be same as on PSN.

I have since 2012 run a PS site, but because of my coding is limit in some sence, i would think many could actually earn on this and probaly would be worth 39 dollars or something,.

You can get api codes and all info you need with basic from here it is using “RESTFUL API”


Or else look on the sites there is bould around this system.


and there is more.

If you could make this and need question etc just ask