Looking for a game server tracker

Hello , I’m looking for someone redevelop a game tracker plugin that can be implemented in a wordpress website . Basically the initial idea comes from the game tracker used in excessiveplus.net , and for the moment those are the main game servers I would like to track , there is a source built in 2008 that might be helpful found here: excessiveplus.net has a problem with ssl certificate but the site is safe


Basically I’m looking for a main page with server list like here :

and individual server details with ranking and information
Optional map download option and friends tracking like on excessiveplus site .
Let me know if this is something that you could do , thanks .


I don’t know of any existing Plugin that has this functionality but we can probably customize something like this for you. Do you require Dashboards for Admin and User to keep track of stats? Do you also require and alternative Mobile App to support the web-based functionality? Also, I cannot open the demo link on the above link provided. Let me know your thoughts. My email is bedellcarleton(at)gmail.com. Regards

Yes dashboard, track stats, friend tag/tracker all .

Hello Again,

I forgot to mention, other items will be included in the dashboard related to actual game activity but we have to look at the dynamics and architecture of the game itself.



For some strange reason my previous reply didn’t appear in the thread. Here are my questions/comments again:

  1. Do you currently have a Portal that’s keeping track of the game stats? If so, what are the current features?

  2. Have you looked at any of the themes on themeforest.net? If so, can you share the link?

  3. Based on the previous link(s) you shared, as mentioned before I can customize the following items for you:

a. System Admin, User, Gamer Portal. Each user type will have level access to certain Dashboards, the System Admin of course will have Master Control.
b. Each Dashboard will have a combination of the following items and widgets depending on their access level. Some of the items below will be a combination of Pie and Graphical charts that will expand into grids of more detailed information.

  • Gamer Activity Stats
  • Gamer Access Stats
  • Gamer Score Stats
  • Subscriber Status By Region, Country, State
  • Most Frequent
  • Message Center
  • Support
  • Chat

*The above is just some of the items. In terms of the actual modules, they will be…

My Account
System Settings
Chat Manager
Game Manager
Access Rights Manager

  1. I will create a My SQL database that will utilize Wordpress as the UI.

  2. Let me know if you have a budget. However at a glance (without knowing all the details of your game), I estimate somewhere between $900 - $1,600 to create this. Time-line should be around 4 - 5 weeks including testing and uploading to a URL of your choice. You will however be responsible for SSL Certificates.

Thank you