Looking for cooperation with VideoHive autors


I’m a new audiojungle autor,
looking for cooperation with VideoHive autors for mutual benefit

Check my new Powerfull Epic
Hope this composotion will be useful for your projects



HI and welcome.
I dont think that self promoting your items over here is a good idea. when an author needs that specific music they by themselves will look for one. If your item stands out the crowd believe me they will pick it and use it in their previews
The cooperation idea is good. I will take it into account.
There is a tip bro. so, if you want everyone to visit to your profile at any time just simply put it on your description.
here it goes how, click your thumbnail, then go yo preferences, then in the about me section enter your audiojungle site address. I have done it, Click on my name. check it out at your own risk .lol
this will guide others to your profile in the future and not just in this one topic


Thank you! I am just learning to work with this platform, tips are welcome)