Looking for an online code editor or IDE for browser.

Hi guys! So I’m working on a new Wordpress website but I need a code editor in it for teaching some html. Like for example, https://thimble.mozilla.org/en-US/anonymous/2e2254ef-f31a-498d-a7b5-c0c9b1c46405

This is mozilla code editor for educating people with a file directory in it for certain project or tutorial. Also, has live preview and supports HTML, CSS, JS.

So is there any plugin that can be like this and I add it to my website so people can learn through it?

It’s something similar to Codecademy IDE.

Most of the browsers has this function already (SHIFT+CTRL+I)
Beside that, Visual Composer and some others has already this function as well. You can search CodeCanyon / WordPress.Org/Plugins as “Front end editor”