In-Browser Code Editor - Feedback Needed - Free for a Limited Time

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with everyone an in-browser code editor I created called Backdoor, Feel free to test it out and give any feedback. It’s in alpha release now, but I’m planning on releasing it on when I feel its ready.

In the mean time it’s currently free, but won’t be for long. I’m really hoping for feedback to further improve this product. I already have a feedback tab created into the editor which makes it extremely easy to send.

Let me know if there is any questions or comments.


It looks great. I just to add more improvements and features.

Also please take a loot my In-browser code editor.

Thanks @prabhakar_u!

I think I might have ran into your practice editor before when I was searching for comparison to my editor. Similar to jsfiddle or codepen. NIce job!

Thank you@RecaMedia. We’re keep adding new features to the editor.