Looking for a theme that works with ecommerce + content

I am looking for a template from ThemeForest that works with ecommerce and blogs. Currently, it is just content (more than 1,400 articles), so need something to support both – have strong SEO, too.

Any recommendations. I like Food52 (notice how the homepage has both articles and shopping.) or Goop (again there is ecommerce and content throughout the entire site.)

Any recommendations. This is my site: This Dog’s Life

Hey there @andreanyc,

I’d consider giving the Chic theme by @WPExplorer a look. It’s not too different from what you’ve got now, plus it’s Woocommerce ready and their themes are very SEO friendly.

If you scroll to the bottom of the demo page, you can see that you can showcase products, I would imagine you could place those products wherever you wanted within the layout of the home page.

Also, the WPexplorer gang give fantastic support, so you know you’re in good hands.

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You can try our theme. It have more feature and blog good for affiliate with lookbook feature in single blog post, instagram shop in single blog post, and product listing in single product post.

Hi, you can check our themes https://themeforest.net/user/payothemes

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The example this theme if you like

You can choose the theme shopisle either free or preium version of it. An awesome and modern theme for online shops, which comes with a beautiful and elegant design. ShopIsle has a full-screen slider on the homepage and provides a smooth and soothing scrolling, which makes your navigation experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Your shop will have a clean and beautiful look, showing the products in a classy way. The theme offers nice and subtle animations that intensify its elegance.
Go to the link and use this theme:- http://justfreethemes.com/demo/?theme=ShopIsle