Looking for a specific feature in a theme

Hey there!
I’m looking for a specific accordion effect on the homepage of a wordpress theme.
When you look at the image with this post, i want to blue section to be open on pageload and when clicking on the yellow section below the blue section wil collapse and the yellow section wil open. So basically an accordion.

Does anyone know a theme like this or a plugin that does something similiar ?


I do have that as an accordion or even as a page row ( full div area ), where user can click and open / make that area visible.

let me know :slightly_smiling:

My html theme has accordion function. Wordpress version is not ready yet.

Hey Basil,

I’m interested in the theme you described in your reply:

Where can i get this theme?

  • Jacco

Lets discuss further.

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My WordPress theme is now approved

Here is the live preview Lingua Live Preview. You have here 2 types of accordion.

And here is demo of the new update that we are going to publish soon ( events functionality and new customization options )