Looking for wordpress themes similar to two websites.


I am looking for wordpress themes similar to http://woodwork.nl/ and http://www.bosicerooibos.com/.

In the first case the perfect solution would be with horizontal accordion panels, that act like menu i.e. after clicking one photo, it becomes expanded and some submenu options (links) appear. Afterwards links may open on even more expanded panel or simply open as normal page.

In the second case, what is the most important is submenu. I need to see all submenu options for selected menu, while being on the page from the group.

Of course, perfect themes I am looking for should be visually similar to the presented ones. In both cases preferred solution is with sidenav (vertical menu).


Hey Mate,

Yes it is possible to do them, with some themes, but it would require also some customisations to be achived…

My name is Khang, I’m is WordPress Developer. I have 5 year experience working with WordPress.
Contact for me plz.