Lokking for a wordpress Theme

I need argent Help
i am looking for a Wordpress theme or similar functionality theme .wordpress preferable exactly this following link i will buy immediately

example:1 - (http://postimg.cc/7fpgGtFf)
example 2 - (http://postimg.cc/7JJ5qwYX)
both are same functionality

Help me to find out this theme. for security reason, I upload the screenshot

You won’t find that type of site here as that genre etc. is not allowed

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maybe i know but here are thousands of developer who might know about that.

Sorry to mention we don’t induldge in such work. So at envato you will not get any thing like that.

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For first image, i think is simple.
Use any theme from themeforest thst look like that, i mean colors, and you can use page builder plugin and make home page to look like that.

Is simple to do.


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