Looking for a song like Indian Summer (GoPro Commercial)



Hey everyone!

I’m looking for a song for a movie that I’m making. I really like the song Indian Summer that was used in the GoPro commercial.

Elements I’m looking for:

  • Smooth but quick cuts between potential shots (ex - :51-1:14)

  • Bigger drop at some point in the song (ex - 1:15)

  • Generally inspirational and exciting (all!)

I’m willing to pay or provide creative attribution on my video.



Try this one:


Two suggestions from me:

Good luck with your movie!


Hi! Please check this tracks:

Hope it help you. Good luck with your movie!!
Best regards,


Hi, otownperez! Maybe this will suit


Hi, Otownperez! Maybe this tune will be helpful for You =)


Hello! @otownperez
Love this music from GoPro commercial! Really inspiring)

Maybe this items can help you add some right emotions:

Also contains version without tropical melody!