Looking for a service based template

Hello teams,
Looking for a service based template like Freelance.com with full monetisation options, wallet, job posting (with reverse bidding), payment options, 121 messaging…
Need a fully workig template (NOT like some thare are posted on the Envato Market but full with errors and bugs).
Thank you for your recommendations and advice!

You won’t find this out of the box - it’s a multi-million $ site.

You might find something to get you started but anything will need further customization and you need to consider what will be easily hundreds if not more $ month on the necessary hosting and security that would be required

Thank you Charlie,
What would you advise to start with ? which WP templates that are clean? What other additional pluggins should I add? how much would it cost ? …
We can manage the rest: hosting and security and we just need help on the template development.

Any advice on this is most welcome.
Thank you.