Looking for a script same as milbros.com

Hi friends,

I wanna build a website for my company where I can store all kind of information upload files such as text or images. Upload brochures, make categories for different products. Can create new users and assign them access to login by using their username and password and see all the information inside my site. Same as milbros.com
Anyone please help me how I can build something like that, by using any free open source software or wordpress.

Many thanks in advance.



First you will need hosting , domain and content. After that you need to hire someone who will make such site which will be responsive and secure.
And you need to have detail specifications what you want.

Thanks Zaccc for the reply, I have VPS hosting and 12 years experience :slight_smile:
All I need to know what we call that kind of software which milbros.com is using?

Is that database site or what? I just want to know which kind of platform they have used so I can start searching that platform :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance.

This site is developed by. Microsoft. ASP.NET .

Thanks a lot Zaccc, you are really helpful, much appreciated your reply.