User/membership script for Windows 2012 server

  • I need a web based login page.
  • I need to have a user/membership management/admin area, also web/browser based… adding users to simple data base etc
  • I would like to create a user and point them at a folder that contains data unique to that user, viewable via browser (web based) ie when they login they are taken to a web page in their own allocated folder
  • I need for it to be secure enough that users cannot access other users folders by accident or design

These things are trivial for linux/php environments, but i have no experience in such for a windows server…

Is there such a script available here (eg codecanyon) or is there anyone with such a script or the skills to make one asap for market dev rates?

I have searched but I don’t think there are any ready to go scripts available… but I could, of course, be wrong.

I need this done yesterday, and have $$ ready if anyone can help.

Many thanks!

Great… can we discuss and can I get a quote?

–David MacLaren

@davmac I have some questions, are you available to discuss?