Membership template / script to restrict access to web directory.

Hi all,

I’m looking for a template or script that can be install on my web server to restrict access to a web directory.
I usually use cpanel directory privacy to lock a web folder but I’m looking for something more fancy and also allow visitors to request for access.

For exemple :

I have a script in that /folder that is not wordpress, but I would like to give access to certain people only, I’ll give the access manually.So before a visitor can access the /folder, it will prompt a login page, then direct to /folder once successfully login.

Is there a script like this?

Use .htaccess and .htpasswd to protect a folder from normal access. It will do as same as you asked for in your question.

thank, I know, i mean I need a fancy page instead of a popup with blank background.

You can buy a php login script from codecanyon. There are many as far I know.

alright, I’ll have a look. Thanks.