Looking for a Modern WordPress Newspaper/Magazine Theme



I am looking for a modern news theme.

Some features the theme should have (or easy to add):

  • Drop-down menu/icon (separate from the main menu)
  • Main menu with multiple layers, not drop-down style. E.g.: Clicking on ‘‘World News’’ in the main menu will activate a new (sub) menu with links to ‘‘Europe’’, ‘‘Asia’’, etc.
  • Preferably with the option to add logos/different styling for each section. E.g. ‘‘Middle-East’’ section has a slightly different layout/logo than ‘‘Asia’’ section.
  • Modern multi-media features in order to engage the reader.
  • Allow users to submit their own articles in an ‘‘Opinion’’ section.

Some examples:

I know the examples don’t look like each other, but it’s really about functionality, features, etc. not necessarily about how it looks because the look/feel can be customised.

I appreciate any help I can get.