Please, review my first Wordpress Newspaper Theme

Hi… This is my first Wordpress Newspaper Theme, for Themeforest…

I’d like to hear your opinion or criticism, before I submit a request, for sale.

Here is the demo link:

Your feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you…

As per my view, you need to workout on font style, size, color and Padding, margin, and also you need to good suitable pictures in news.


Thank you

Hello, thanks for your reply.

If this theme is accepted, I plan to do several new styles, which will be able to be selected in the customizer, and they will have different fonts and colors. This is the default version…

I agree that news needs better pictures.

Can you tell me precisely what exactly do you think I’m doing with padding and margin?

Thanks again, every comment is important to me…

@itechnotion is spot on about the typography, padding and margins

The whole thing needs to breath more

I’d look at creating more distinction between certain post preview types rather than just width and make use of styling and layout alternatives

You’ve got avoidable validation issues in the code